Saturday Picnic Brunch At Doha Golf Club

Saturday Picnic Brunch At Doha Golf Club

Being a mum of a toddler, choosing a place to dine in is a difficult task. We intend to enjoy the ambiance and food, while they tend to run around all over and every corner. They are pretty too small to understand table manners and sit at one place gracefully, especially the brunches happening during the weekends, where we have to spent a lot of time.

It was last week, I got an invite from Doha Golf Club to check out their Saturday Picnic Brunch, which sounded pretty good to me as I was quite sure my kid would definitely enjoy this event and she could have lots of fun.




With a lovely weather, Picnic Brunch at Doha Gold Club is indeed a great place. Lots of green all around, wooden furniture, colorful table mats, bean bags here and there, which makes the whole ambiance looks vibrant and cool. A shaded umbrella at every table was an added advantage.

For kids, there was face painting, coloring, outdoor inflatables & bouncer slides, and of course, lots of place to run around. My girl was pretty happy to explore on her own and to get involved with lots of other kids from different regions and cultures.

There was live DJ performance at the brunch as well to make the ambiance more lively. and I have to admit they had a good crowd as well, mostly with young ones for the picnic Brunch.




I would not say that the Picnic Brunch at Doha Golf Club had a lot of food to choose, like many other brunches happening in Doha, but I would definitely say that for a picnic theme and for that price, there were quite a good selection.

As you settle down at your table, you were served with a basket which brings out the beauty of a picnic brunch. The basket included salads and dressings, fruits, water, bread, cookies, marshmallows and candies, which made my daughter impressed about the brunch she is going to experience.

Rather than having a buffet, the brunch had live cooking stations so that we could enjoy everything fresh and hot. The grill station had a variety of meats like kebab, steak, satay , also beef & chicken wraps, sausage sandwich, burger sliders, nachos and its accompaniments. Other live stations included a pasta station, stir fry station and my favorite Kothu Roti, which is a sri lankan dish, made with fine pieces of roti, veggies and a gravy. Here we had a prawns gravy to choose and this dish tasted delicious. You could also opt for rice noodles instead of roti.  Apart from the these, kids could enjoy nuggets, fish fingers and french fries.


And the best part, there was a London Diary ice cream cycle placed at the tent and you could just have it without any limitations 🙂 . I guess most of the kids would have add a minimum of three at least, as well as pop corn  and cotton candy.

What we were missing after having food was a dessert station, (not the ice cream I mentioned above). That was taken care off at the end when they served a plate of mini desserts and fruits right on the table which made the experience complete.

Packed juices and soft drinks were included in the package.

Most of the food we had was quite nice, except the steak, which I felt was a bit hard to chew.

The staff were very welcoming and friendly. Even though we  did not really needed them, they were kind enough to check on us in between. You could place your order at live stations and they will get it on your table, so that you do not have to wait for long time at the stations.

All in all, we had a great time and a relaxing one as we could let our kid enjoy the whole ambiance and was busy with other kids. Also we felt that the price of the Saturday Picnic Brunch seems to be a fair amount. 

On the down side : We felt there could have been some interactive activities for the kids. 
And not their mistake, there were a lot of flies at the location. 

For more information and booking, please email or call on 44960777

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