A Little Effort To make you Drool & Visit QIFF 2016 ASAP

A Little Effort To make you Drool & Visit QIFF 2016 ASAP

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And test it started off yesterday and I visited the first venue of Qatar a international food Festival QIFF 2016 at the MIA Park.  Being the first day, the crowd was fantastic. 

There are many options to reach at QIFF – Shuttle bus services, Boat services between MIA, Katara ad Pearl Qatar at a rate of QAR.25/- pp. Apart from these, Careem Qatar is providing discounted rates with their Promo code. I used it yesterday and from Thumama to MIA , I spent QAR.23/-. 

QIFF 2016 looked absolutely delicious with lot more stalls than last year. Every stall had their signature food to sell with rates starting from QAR.15/- – QAR.35/-. One day is not at all enough to try those delicacies.  

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Lets popcorn was the first stall I came across and there was no way that I could skip it with my little girl. The moment she saw it, she started jumping on it. Lots of different flavors, both sweet & savory were available and you could taste each of it if you want. I went for caramel and it costed QAR.30/-.

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Though I did not try anything from Shake Shack, these pretty girls were fun to be with, existing and cheering.

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Rolled ice cream in action. Mine was Kinder Bueno with Vanilla Ice cream and they served it like a little florets in a cup. It tasted delicious and I loved it. 

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As I was walking through the five star food courts, the guy from Kempinski Residences and Suited caught me. He asked me to have their signature Camel Burger which I was quite hesitant to try . So I went for the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta. It was super duper delicious, the chicken pieces were perfectly cooked and I enjoyed every bit of it. While I was having my pasta, the guy approached me and offered complimentary delicious sweet treats of Kempinski Residences and Suites. I really appreciate the gesture and again it tasted yum. 

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And then I met Mr. Ghanim AlSulaiti, a 100% Plant based vegan in Qatar. I have been seeing his posts lately in Instagram and it was an absolute pleasure to have a word with him. The coconut water I tried from there was The freshest. I wish I could just break that coconut into pieces and have all that delicate flesh from it. 

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Moving on and at The Ritz Carlton stall , What attracted me was the freshly made Marshmallows in different flavors and being a marshmallow fan, I could not avoid it.  My pick was the mango flavored marshmallows at a cost of QAR.30/- . It was soft, sticky, spongy and just melt in your mouth. 

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There is an area called ‘Instagram Court’ where the vendors from Instagram are selling their delicacies. You could find here the fancy desserts and sweets we used to drool in Instagram. 

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Mini Pancake with chocolate of your choice is a definite try from MiNiS if you are out there. One of the most crowd I could see was in front of their stall. And what interested me was the guy preparing the pan cake looked like a Qatari and he is quite fast in his job. 



One of the Indian stall we tried was Zaffran Cafe.  Pani Puri was of course delicious and with the chilling weather, it was even more better. The another main dish of theirs was their butter chicken roll, which for me was averagely tasted. For these two plus a bottle of small water costed QAR.30/- plus something which I do not remember exactly. 



Like every year, the Live Cooking Theater is an incredible thing where you could witness some great chefs preparing their delicious dishes and we could taste it as well. 

I somehow missed Martha Stewart show yesterday , but I will make sure to visit the show in the coming days. 

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Another incredible activity to do is the Dining in the Sky by Qatar Airways. I would definitely try this someday and I do not know when!! it is expensive ! 

Apart from food, there are lots and lots of entertainment happening at the venue anywhere and everywhere. So make sure you visit and indulge into the celebrations from 22 March – 28th March 2016 at MIA Park, Katara and Pearl Qatar. 

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