Parmesan Potato Stacks

Parmesan Potato Stacks


Everyday my husband comes for lunch and like any other day ,I was on my bed thinking of my lunch menu  and I got a call from my husband saying that he is not coming home for lunch. Basically if he is not there, I do not feel like cooking. It is quite boring for me to cook and eat for myself. So I sat on my couch and was going through the you tube food channels where I came across ‘Parmesan Potato Stacks’. 


This is what attracted me – first, It has got very few ingredients and all were my favorites – Potatoes , Parmesan cheese & Rosemary. I could really imagine the taste of it. Secondly, the preparation, just slice the potatoes, mix everything together, stack it in your muffin tin and bake. That is all you have to do !!


You may be familiar with Parmesan cheese – It is a hard granular cheese with a buttery, nutty and kind of a fruity taste. We often use it in our delicious pasta, risotto, soups or even salad. This cheese is one of the thing you find in my house quite often. 

Rosemary – I pluck it right from my garden and use it in roasted meat or vegetables – the leaves impart a mustard like aroma with an additional fragrance of charred wood. They have a bitter, astringent taste and a characteristic aroma which complements many cooked foods. 


You need nice big potatoes for this recipe and slice it as thinly as possible. This will help to get a good looking thick potato stack as your end product. You may use a mandolin slicer if you have, it is the easiest one to slice. I did not had it, so I went for my knife skills. It wasn’t that bad, though I did had some thick slices. And as a result, mine wasn’t as thick as I expected it to be. 

After the slicing part, you need to remove the excess water from it. So just lay down a kitchen towel, spread the potato over it and roll the towel like how we do with  a ‘cake roll’. This way, the towel absorbs all the moisture from it.  


These are the few things, you have to take care before preparing this recipe.

I really could not resist myself and I started digging into it. It was crunchy on the sides and soft in the middle and was delicious. I did had two stacks and was completely out. It was buttery , cheesy and rich. Just a note, I had some mint butter at home, so I did pour a bit on it, to make it even more buttery goodness. You may either eat just the way it is or use any kind of sauce you crave for. 

Lets now proceed to our recipe then !! . Chill and have fun with me !! 


Stacked Potatoes


  • 3 Large Potatoes ( around 620gm after slicing it)
  • 2 Tbsp Butter melted + for greasing
  • 1/2 Cup Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 Tsp Fresh chopped Rosemary
  • 1 Tbsp Garlic Powder
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Preheat your oven at 190C.
  2. Grease your muffin tin with butter.
  3. Slice the potatoes as thinly as possible and remove the moisture using a kitchen towel.
  4. Now add, melted butter, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, rosemary , salt & pepper. Toss the bowl and gently work with your hand to coat the potato and the seasoning mixture.
  5. Layer the sliced potatoes equally in the muffin tin and grate some more cheese on the top. Discard any excess water.
  6. Bake for an hour or until the sides are brown and crispy and cooked through.
  7. Rest it for 5 mins and you can serve individually to your guests.
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