Parmesan Potato Stacks

Everyday my husband comes for lunch and like any other day ,I was on my bed thinking of my lunch menu  and I got a call from my husband saying that he is not coming home for lunch. Basically if he is not there, I do not feel like cooking. It is quite boring for […]

Chocolate Soil – A Fancy Element to Your Desserts

Whenever we dine out at restaurants, the thing that astonish me most  is the ‘plating’, especially desserts. Each dessert has various elements and it makes me wonder how they do it all together. The curiosity made me read about it and I realized there are few things we can make it ahead and store it and […]

Easy White Chocolate Caramel Suace

When I used to go Baskin Robbins, It has always been a hard decision to choose between caramel or chocolate sauce topping for my ice cream. So I usually tell them to top lightly with both of it. I know it sounds quite a lot, but its heavenly. 

Poached Egg Curry

Whether egg came first or Chicken , it doesn’t really matter for me. I love Egg and it is one of my favorite. Except raw egg, I can eat it in any forms. Before getting serious about cooking, we will take a minute to have a closer look and enjoy few   fascinating facts about our […]