Outdoor BBQ Fun Day at Hotel Park

Outdoor BBQ Fun Day at Hotel Park


Getting out of the house is quite a difficult task in my family. We rather like to spent most of our time at home which we feel is more relaxing and comfortable., mostly because  of the reason that we have a humid hot weather all the time in Doha and visiting malls is not that entertaining, unless it is for shopping.

It is now that time of the year where the sun seems to shine less and the beautiful winds breeze embrace all over us. And there is no reason for us not to enjoy the beautiful winter outdoor in this desert.

One of those places I would love to spent our time this season is at hotel park, where you could relax while your child is enjoying in the children’s park. Now we have one more reason to be there! Do you know why? Four and One group, a leading business agency is organizing an Outdoor BBQ fun day at the park, where you could engage with your kids in different activities and games, with some delicious food and great music.

The area where the fun day is happening has a great view of Doha city, surrounded by lush greenery. The kids activities include ring toss, football, face painting, painting the town, croquet, block building, sack race, balloon art, dancing etc. Adults could also could take part and have a quality time with your kids and other guests.

The food is a buffet style, where you also have few vegan options, as well as few regular other dishes. A live grill station is available with Kebabs, Shawarma and Rotisserie Chicken with all the accompaniments. Though it wasn’t a huge spread, the dishes available were quite good. We loved the grill food, especially the Shawarma. The dessert options were limited apparently.

The service was very good. Every staff was happy to help you at any time. The kids were looked after by the team and the ones at food counters were also friendly and attentive.
Overall, the experience was nice, particularly my daughter enjoyed every bit of it. She got engaged with all the team members and I was glad.

The price earlier was QAR.200/- for adults and QAR.100/- for kids. However, they have reduced it down to QAR.150/- for adults and QAR.50/- for kids aged between 4-12 years. Kids below 4 years is free.

I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss the joy of outdoor BBQ fun with your kids during the beautiful winter in Doha with unlimited fun and relaxation. Click here & register yourself for the next BBQ Fun Day : https://goo.gl/MWvzvH

Happy Winter !!



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