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My New Love – Paper Moon Doha


My husband works in Jaidah Square, the same building where Paper Moon Doha is located. He has been there few times for Business Lunch with his colleagues and he did mentioned to me about this place. However, for some reason I did not get a chance to dine at Paper Moon Doha and I regret on the fact that it took so long for me to experience an amazing food & service.

Located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, getting a parking is a major task. But their Free Valet Parking is a life saver and does the trick. As you enter the glass door, you could see a tram elevator waiting to take you for a ride and there you go !! just after few secs of the ride, it did take you to the little ‘Italy’ of Doha.


The interior of Paper Moon is really chic, modern yet elegant which gives a calm, relaxing environment to dine in. Both indoor and outdoor area is available – The indoor area has an earthy tone with live music playing on the side. If I am not wrong, the restaurant has a concept of playing classic movies weekly and the place is designed accordingly show casing movie posters all over the place which I felt was really cool. The outdoor area was lovely & modern and with a beautiful climate, we chose to sit there like most of other diners.




Another major plus point at Paper Moon is their staff. Starting from the Top Manager to the Cleaning person, every one out there was very well trained – each had a charming smile, very attentive and smart looking. Just one look of yours and they are right in front of you which I personally felt was highly commendable job.


Once we gave our order, I left my husband and kid on the table and took a quick walk through the restaurant. In a corner , I could see a large dome shaped pizza oven and the chef was taking out an amazing looking freshly baked pizza right out of it. The chef was really friendly and awesome and he did asked his colleague to make another one to show me how they do it. Being a person who loves to cook and eat, this was a delightful scene to watch.



Then I moved to the two ladies who made the whole ambiance of the restaurant to a cheerful place with their live Italian Jazz music performance. They were brilliantly talented and beautiful. Cheers ladies !! it was lovely meeting you!!


I got back to my seat and my kid had already started eating bread from the freshly baked bread basket. You could taste the real Italian flavors in those. And the time has reached where we were ready to dive in to our food. Our order were Home made Cheese Ravioli with Truffle cream sauce and Chicken roll up with mozzarella & spinach filling with mushroom sauce and mashed potato. The Ravioli, for me, was finger licking delicious. It was soft and perfectly cooked with the right amount of sauce. My better half did tasted it and for him , he loved the sauce and the texture of ravioli, however, the filling did not please him so much.



The chicken roll up – I would say the portion was huge and very much filling. The chicken was soft and tender, the cheese was oozing, the spinach was fresh and well cooked, the mushroom sauce was delicious and the potato mash was buttery and smooth. We both loved it.


My tummy always has a little space for the dessert and went for a chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream. The chocolate fondant had good amount of chocolate lave and cake when you cut in to it and tasted good. However, I am a bit disappointed to say that this is not the best I had in Doha unlike the other food we tried. The hero of the dish was the coconut ice cream. 


Final Verdict : Though the price is on the higher side, Paper Moon Doha gave a delicious unforgettable ride of Italy. From the environment to the live music, to the service, everything I saw, experienced and tasted were pleasing to eye, joyable and delicious. This place has some or the other dish to please your taste buds and crave for . Highly recommended. 

PS : The review stated is purely based on my personal experience and all the photos are captured through my lens. 

If you would like to have more information about the restaurant,

please follow the link : Paper Moon Doha  

Call on : +97440166000

Email : 

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  1. Paper Moon was one of the first restaurants I’ve ever tried when I arrived in Doha. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone back, I don’t remember a live music at all. I think it’s now time for me to try it again. Thanks for reminding me of this gem.

    Thank you for joining #QatarLinkUp

    1. Mr.Husband was talking about their live music yesterday when he had gone for business lunch. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

      And thanks for passing by my post. I am glad that I could contribute a bit from my side with #qatarlinkup

  2. That ravioli is one of my favorite dish too at Papermoon. There are so many restaurants in Doha that it’s hard to go back even if you want to.

  3. I have a confession to make…I have never been to Paper Moon! However, after seeing that pizza oven and the creamy looking ravioli I’m kicking myself! It looks every bit as good as La Spiga. I must go soon 🙂

    Thanks for joining the Qatar Link-up!

    Polly xx

    1. You must visit … Parking is a bit problem. Rest is all fine !!
      Thank you for taking the initiative #qatarlinkup

  4. I too have included Paper Moon dishes in my post. I really love the place. The ambience is too cool and the food is special too. As always your pictures are amazing Jishma!!

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