A Celebration through Mexican Cuisine at Isla -Qatar & A Giveaway !!

A Celebration through Mexican Cuisine at Isla -Qatar & A Giveaway !!


If you have been reading my posts, you must be knowing that I have a love corner for Mexican food. Well, that love came across to me through my husband as he is a hardcore fan of it and it was after my marriage, I started to have Mexican food and it literally made me to crave for it again and again.

Few weeks back, while I was hunting for a nice place to dine in to celebrate Mr. Husband’s birthday , the opening of Isla took place at Pearl Qatar. I did not had to think twice to decide the venue for the reason that the restaurant had posted some delicious looking food and the location seemed to be just perfect.  And most importantly , Isla is from the chain of restaurants run by the renowed Chef Richard Sandoval, who is internationally recognized as “The father of modern Mexican cuisine”.

Being a Friday,  We decided to go for a lunch rather than a dinner to avoid the weekend evening rush. The restaurant is at a convenient location and offer both outdoor and indoor seating with an amazing view of Pearl Qatar. During the evenings, you could also enjoy live performance by the talented singers. And just right adjacent to retardant, there is small grab & go window where you can order and have coffee, smoothies, juices, desserts. Since we visited during lunch time and the climate being so hot, we chose to dine indoor. I did wish that I could sit out . However the climate was not favoring us.BeFunky Collage

Apart from food, one of the major reason that insist me to come back to a restaurant is the the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff and I got what exactly I was looking for at Isla Qatar. We had a very warm welcome with smiling faces all around us.  They were well trained and groomed to make our dining experience comforting and enjoyable. I truly appreciate it and would be back again soon.

So,the first and foremost dish to try in a Mexican restaurant is ‘The Guacamole and chips’. Though Isla had variations in flavors, we decided for the traditional one. Guacamole is a simple dish but with full of flavors that we love to have anytime and every time and here at Isla,  we were totally in love with it, along with the crunch of tortilla chips.IMG_0484

Before I start talking about my next dish, let me tell you, their sauces are just beautiful. The green salsa and the arbol sauce where my favorites, it had some spicy kick to it.IMG_0479

Beef Tacos were our second trial. – served along with charro beans, Mexican rice & arbol sauce. The tiny juicy bits of beef, with veggies and sauces did an impact. Taco time is always messy. Forget the fork and knife and get your hands into it. It tasted good especially the rice.IMG_0495

About The birthday boy’s preferred dish- he went for his favorite chicken fajita. It was served on a sizzler plate on a bed of capsicum & onion along with mexican rice, charro beans, arbol sauce and flour tortillas. The chicken was cooked/grilled perfectly with a nice charred flavors and together with all the veggies and sauces, the fajita roll created a beautiful blast of combination & taste. It became a favorite of both of us. There was a small error while taking the order, instead of chicken fajita, they served a prawns fajita and they immediately changed it when we told them. I can surely ignore that.IMG_0508

The prawns quesadilla were cheesy with tiny bits of prawns pieces on a bed of guacamole. The wrap was very soft and every bite seems to melt in the mouth and was pleasing to the palette. IMG_0510

If you are in a Mexican restaurant and it would be a shame if you do not try Churros. Churros are a fried dessert with cinnamon sugar coating and you can have it with a dip of chocolate or caramel. Nowadays we do get stuffed one as well. Mine was stuffed churros with cajeta sauce. So basically – that piping hot churro sticks with a crunchy outer and a soft inside with a gooey dense  sauce blown me away, absolutely finger looking good. Personally, this is the star of the day and the best in Doha. As mentioned earlier, you can just quickly order and grab a piece of it from their grab & go window.IMG_0519

The drinks were Spicy Orange and Classic virgin mojito. Needless to say, they were both totally refreshing. The spicy orange had a spicy kick of jalapeno chilli and served with the glass rim dipped in a chill  & salt mix.BeFunky Collage2

That was our birthday lunch menu at Isla Restaurant. While I was having our food, I posted a picture on my Instagram feed saying that “birthday lunch at Isla Restaurant”. And as a surprise, actually to both of us, the Isla Staff came singing with a piece of complimentary Tres Leches cake. This was the first time I was trying this cake and I do not know the authentic taste of the same. However the cake was moist and very soft and I guess it had kind of a salty sour taste to it. Along with the berry compote, coconut crunch & a scoop of ice cream, that dessert was very satisfyingly good. Since we already had churros, we could not complete it.IMG_0525

Overall we had a beautiful day at Isla Restaurant trying the Mexican cuisine.  The service and food that I got here were great. The portions were good enough and the location is great for the price we pay.  The small gestures Isla did created an impact and added a beautiful memory to the timeline. we were absolutely delighted to end a beautiful lunch at Isla.

You can find more information about the restaurant on their website – Isla Qatar . 

Note : The review is purely based on my personal experience and all the pictures are captured through my lens. 

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