I found my place for Chinese Cuisine in Qatar – Hakkasan Doha

I found my place for Chinese Cuisine in Qatar – Hakkasan Doha

Where & What Menu we tried :

Place : Hakkasan Doha, The St Regis Doha
Cuisine : Chinese
Meal : ‘ Taste of Hakkasan’ Lunch on Saturdays
Timing : 0100 pm to 0400 pm (last order –0330pm)
Price : QAR.168/- pp inclusive of unlimited water, soft drinks & Chinese Tea
              QAR. 278/- pp (inclusive of unlimited water, soft drinks, Chinese Tea with half bottle of sparkling white or red                  wine)

While I am settled down on my work space and started to write about our first ever experience at Hakkasan Doha, the only thought that kept going through my mind was “when am I going to get back to this place again”? and I know, that day isn’t far away! I wish those moments never ended during our visit to the restaurant for their lunch Menu ‘Taste of Hakkasan’. Those flavors are still dancing on my palette.



As you enter through the hidden sliding door, you witness a cozy atmosphere with symmetrical wood carved patterns, illuminated oriental touches and low hung lamps all over the place. The restaurant has a Ling Ling Lounge, Terrace and Terrace Lounge as well. Hence this makes a perfect place for those who would like to have an intimate dining or for the ones who would wants to have a chill out experience.


Every single person we met at Hakkasan Doha were welcoming, friendly and professional. The staff had knowledge of all the dishes that were in the menu.  They helped us to choose dishes that suits our taste and diet. There wasn’t any moment when we had to look for them when we needed something. They gave us privacy, but with great attentiveness throughout the dining.


I was invited to try their ‘Taste of Hakkasan’ Lunch menu which is available on Saturdays. You Can chose one soup, one appetizer, one main course and a selection of ice cream & sorbets from their menu, which costs:
QAR.168/– with unlimited water, soft drinks and Chinese tea
QAR.278/- pp with unlimited water, soft drinks, Chinese tea and selection of half bottle of sparkling white or red wine.

We were given a sample of most of the dishes from the menu, since the purpose of visit was to review the restaurant.

This restaurant would never has to say that their food is made fresh, you can literally taste everything fresh. Every single piece of meat, vegetables, rice , dumplings were cooked to perfection. The flavors were just right with the right amount of spices and sauces. Lets have a look at those dishes we had at Hakkasan Doha:


Vegetable Hot & Sour Soup. When we usually have this soup anywhere outside, it is full of spices, way beyond it needed. This is the one soup I would say had the right balance between hot and sour with freshest ingredients possible.



Different Sauces to go along with your meal. You can mix n ‘ match.



Chef’s Selection Steam Dim Sum – Smoked Wagyu Beef dumpling, Har Gau (prawns dumpling), Chilian Sea Bass Dumpling, Chicken & Prawn Shumai. My personal favourite was the chicken and prawn shumai dipped in chilli oil. It tasted gorgeous.


Salt & Pepper Squid – Literally finished off the bowl in minutes


Crispy Duck Roll – Indeed with a perfect crunchy exterior with a beautifully flavored duck meat filling ( a bit on the sweet side). Perfect combination with hoisin sauce.


Vegetarian Grilled Shanghai Dumplings – My personal favourite


Main Course (comes with Edamame Fried Rice and seasonal Vegetables)

Sanpei Chicken Claypot – Similar to Chicken stir fry with sping onions, dry chilli and sweet basil. A bit spicy dish, but extremely delicious.


Wok Fry Prawns in Assam Sauce – Crispy and beautifully cooked Tiger prawns with lots of cashew nuts and dry chillies. Just another dish that got over so fast.



Coffee, Chocolate & Mascarpone Lemon Ice-cream. The coffee one was to die for.


Blood Orange, Raspberry & Mango Chilli Sorbet. Do not miss out the Mango chilli one.



In the front, we have a ‘Sparkling San’, one of their fasting moving drink made with Raspberry, aloe vera, lime, tamarind & sparkling pomegranate. It is too pretty to drink and yes, absolutely refreshing. Just behind it is a ‘passion dew’ with lemon, passion fruit, cranberry, lychee, vanilla & ginger ale – those ingredients could never go wrong as well!


Summerizing it down

  • I would give Hakkasan Doha a 5/5 for all of their flavorful food, beautiful interior and great service.
  • It is hard to pick a particular favorite dish. If I had to, I would go for Vegetarian Shanghai Dumplings; I will add one more salt & pepper squid fry.

Things you may need to know:

  • The restaurant is open ‘daily for dinner’ from 0600 pm onwards.
    A Friday brunch from 12 noon to 0330 pm &
    Taste of Hakkasan Lunch on Saturdays from 0100pm to 0400pm (last order 0330 pm).
  • You can directly go to the restaurant by taking a left as you enter The St.Regis Hotel gate and a private valet parking is available for restaurant guests.
  • Restaurant is wheel chair accessible

For more information and bookings, click here


PS : FollowMyCravings was  a guest of Hakkasan Doha .However the review stated is purely based on my personal experience and all the photos are captured through my lens. 


















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