A Blend of Indian flavours with a view of Arabian Souq – Gymkhana Restaurant

A Blend of Indian flavours with a view of Arabian Souq – Gymkhana Restaurant

I am starting by saying that , it is not an easy task to be on the top list of our favorite foodie app ‘Zomato‘ in Qatar where we have lots of food critics from all around the place. However, Gymkhana Restaurant managed to gain the attention of the public with their food and service, after their opening from few months ago and has now become the second top restaurant on Zomato.

This wasn’t the first time I have tried Gymkhana Restaurant, my first trial was with my family and we totally loved the ambiance, the service and most importantly the food. For that reason, I would not want to miss any opportunity to dine here, and was more than ready when I got an Invitation from my pal Hala from Zomato,  followed by an adorable creative personal invitation from gymkhana itself to attend their new menu launch.

The interior of gymkhana took their inspiration from Indian Country club houses during the good old British Raj era. The decoration is modern yet gives that authentic royal feeling with a wooden swing as you enter, luxury dining setting on one side and veranda furniture with a view of Souq Waqif and the beautiful Fanar mosque.

Very well trained staffs who has experience in different part of the world is a plus at Gymkhana. They have taken utmost care that our dining experience is sound and well through out . Their personal touch while serving us helps in creating a sense of friendliness and attentiveness.

As a part of the event, Gymkhana served a lot of their dishes to try. In my review, I will talk about the ones which are my personal favorites:

The event started with a cooking class with Chef Aditya who has worked in many restaurants all across the world. He taught us a simple dish but which is loved by everyone around here – Madras Fish Curry, which tasted absolutely delicious. Followed by master class on how to make Gymkhana Masala Margarita by Mr. Ketan, Assistant Manager of the restaurant.

Gymkhana Chat : A bowl full of colors and flavors – a combo of Pappad, dal vada, fried potatoes, sev, topped with veggies and our favorite chutneys.

Paneer Tikka : If you haven’t tried this, you are definitely missing the best dish from their menu . Big square chunks of freshly made soft paneer with tikka marinade and finished it in tandoor.

Tulsi Fish Tikka : Perfectly cooked pieces of white fish in tandoor with a green marinade. The fish pieces just melts in your mouth.

Patiala Bhuna ghost : Sauted mutton pieces in a mildly spiced red gravy. The mutton pieces were tender and blended really well the masala.

Mushroom Kaju Masala : Mushroom and peas cooked in a rich gravy made with cashew nuts. Perfect accompany for a plain or butter tandoori roti.

Baked Yogurt & Cassatta Falooda : These two are a must. Soft baked yogurt along with a caramel crunch was a hit. Rich Cassatta along with saffron and rose flavoured falooda sev and nuts for crunch totally took my heart away.

These were the dishes that I liked the most. The other dishes were Moong ki Khasta, lal maas, Subz Diwani Handi, Kadhai Jhinga masala, Gobi Methi Muttor, Zaatar Tandoori roti etc.

Pros : We were well taken care of Mr. Bhasin, Manager and other staff at Gymkhana. The food speaks here rather than any other aspect. You could feel the quality of ingredients used and efforts put in by the Chef to make our meal as enjoyable as possible. The spice level in the food is minimal to bring out the flavors and considering different nationalities and their palettes. All in all,  I could positively recommend this place to anyone.

Cons : (a) The dishes which stood down for me were Kadhai Jhinga masala as I felt the prawns were a bit under done for my taste and Gobi Methi Mutter which did not had a unique taste. Apart from these, every dish was unique and flavorful in their own way.
( b) The view of the fanar mosque is only possible if you are sitting in one side of the restaurant.

Gymkhana Restaurant 
Location : Ground Floor, Al Jomrok Boutique Hotel , Souq Waqif
Email : Reservations@dohagymkhana.com
Telephone : +974 40385328

PS: FollowMyCravings was invited by Zomato Qatar and was a guest of Gymkhana Restaurant for their new menu launch. However the review is purely based on my personal experience and the photos are captured through my lens.

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