Go Festive with Homemade Muffins from Gourmet Muffins

Go Festive with Homemade Muffins from Gourmet Muffins

There was this time when I used to think that muffins and cupcakes are the same. They kind of look similar – the differences that I thought they had were- muffins were bigger whereas cupcakes were smaller in size. Another difference – cupcakes have frosting while muffins does not.

Since I got my interest in food and started reading alot, it came across to me that they are not the same. The difference is muffins are denser, less sweeter, preferable with lots of nuts and considered to be healthy and hence we usually have it for breakfast. On the other side, cupcakes are full of sugar and fatty things.

Coming back to my subject, few days back, I got a delivery from Gourmet Muffins – a box full of homemade muffins and that too on four different flavours. First things first :
Packaging : My first impression and it was the best. The box looked like it was delivered by a high end cafe/bakery . The black box with their name in golden gave it a grand look !!

Muffins : as soon as I opened the box, the smell of cinnamon was spreading all over and literally went down closer to enjoy it even more . The muffins looked absolutely gorgeous, it has got that professional touch to it.

The flavours were:
Minty Cafe Mocha: this is my personal favorite – it was light, right amount of sugar, bits of good quality belgian chocolate chunks (not chocolate chips like hershey) and topped with a mint icing. The good fact about it was that the mint was not overpowering, hence I could taste everything.

Trio Chocolate Chunk Muffins – This is Mr. husband’s favorite. He is not a muffin person, however he liked it alot. The outer crunchy texture goes very well with the light and moist muffin with chunks of chocolate.

Blueberry Twist – Perfect for any day. Muffin topped  blueberries and lemon zest gives a sweet taste along with a tiny hint of sourness. This seems to the light one from the rest.

Apple Crumb : This one came to last position as I am not a fan of apple crumb or I would say anythign with apple. However, for a change, apple crumb muffin tasted very good with lots of flavours and a beautiful crumble texture on the outside.

Overall Experience
I would literally say that if you can happily spend QAR. 8-10/- riyals at a cafe/bakery, I would rather suggest you spent it at Gourmet Muffins. I said this for two reasons : first it is homemade and secondly, this muffins can give a tough competition to the other high end gourmet muffins!! Since the festive season is here , this is the best time to give it a try!!

Price : QAR.110/- for a dozen plus QAR.30/- for delivery within Doha.
Contact : Order via whatsapp 33720967

A bit About the Person behind
Born to Syrian father and moroccon mother, cooking good food has always been in her blood. Since her first cooking class in high school , she developed a love for baking and even worked in a bakery at her place as a part time job. In 2010, She moved to Qatar with her husband and has been baking it for her family. After lots of reading, researching and trials, she has come up with a home business to bake yummiest muffins to Doha foodies which helps her to continue living her passion and to support herself on her own. She uses best quality products best available in the local market and from international market. Her motive is to provide premium muffins with unique flavors and flavour combinations to her customers.

Contest :
Since Qatar National Day is round the corner, One of our fellow follower is going to win a box of delicious muffins from Gourmet Muffins. All you have to do is :
1) Like @GourtmetMuffins and @followmycravings on Facebook
2) Follow @GourtmetMuffins and @followmycravings on Instagram
3) Share the below pic on Instagram tagging @followmycravings with hashtag #gourmetmuffins #treatforQND

Contest will be ruining from 12- 15th Dec’16.
Winner will be announced on 16th Dec’16
Open to Qatar Residents

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