Living my dreams barefooted – Gililankanfushi Maldives

Living my dreams barefooted – Gililankanfushi Maldives


“Ma’m, please remove your shoes. We have a
No News No Shoes” policy at Gililankanfushi ”  

This was the first thing we heard from the person who came to us while we took our speed boat ride from the Male airport to the Resort which took around 20 mins. And we started our journey laying down at the cozy couches of the boat sipping a refreshing healthy drink, enjoying an on-board WiFi throughout.
img_5917At the Jetty, we received a warm welcome by Mr.Brad Calder, Resort Manager and his team. He introduced us to our Mr. Friday , Mr. Atheef who will be our host at Gililankanfushi.  After meeting & greeting, Mr.Friday gave us a tour of the resort in the cab car and then left us in a Day room since we reached the resort quite early.

img_5915The day room was located in the middle of the tropical area surrounded with lush green. The room was cozy and comfortable and every element was nature friendly .We had a very relaxing sleep at the day house and at 01.30, Mr.Friday took us to our anxiously awaited over Water villa.

Gili Lagoon Suite : Our Villa No – 41
The moment has come to witness a dream of mine in reality. The villa was breathtakingly gorgeous and spacious. Every corner of it gave the glimpse of clear turquoise water. As you enter, there were few couches with checker board games, followed by the dining table and the open deck with sun beds, lounges and a few steps away from it, a hammock to soak yourself up in the ocean.
img_5925Back in the villa, on the left, we had our bedroom with extra bed for my kid and the right side, we had our dressing room, toilet, bathtub, an open pathway to the shower linked with the bathroom and a way down to the covered portion of the ocean for added privacy. Upper deck again had a lounge, a dining area and the view was beyond our imagination. The villa was provided with every amenity you need for a beach holiday from sun cream to insect repellent, tooth paste, tooth brush and so on. So pack very little things when you are here!!
img_5916Mr. Friday provided us with snorkeling equipments so that we can go underwater to enjoy the corals right from the villa. He fed his number on the telephone so that we could just dial it for our needs anytime of the day/night.We were also provided with a bicycle and a tricycle with cushions in the basket to carry my baby girl with ease around the resort.

The Resort
The most attractive and appreciated fact of Gililankanfushi is that they have taken utmost care to be environment friendly. I don’t think I have seen anything that can’t be recycled except the tyres of the bicycle may be. They do have an eco centre where they turn everything into something usable.

Getting Around : 

  • Organic Garden – you could visit here and see different varieties of fresh herbs and vegetables grown.
  • Jungle theater – the theater is situated in a tropical area and you will be able to watch movies under the stars having popcorn. This is actually one of the best feeling I have ever gone through!!
  • Swimming pool overlooking the ocean
  • Meera Spa – Experience the strokes of the therapist while you enjoy the calm ocean beneath through the glass floors.
  • Sifani Jewelry Boutique & Gift Shop – Sifani has beautiful collection of precious stones and others jewelry.
  • Yoga champa -In case if you like to get up early and do some stretching along the shores, they have a yoga session at 0800am. We were lazy though !!
  • Eco Centre where they do all the recycling to make it a better place close to the nature.
  • Tennis Court
  • Board Games
  • Water Sports
  • Pool Table

And other paid activities like diving, snorkeling,cruising , dolphin watching, fishing, etc.

Food & Wine

Main Restaurant img_5920
This restaurant is located right next to the beach and serves breakfast and dinner. The day we arrived, the Gililankanfushi had a cocktail party in the evening for the management and guests to have some interactive session. The party was then followed by an Asian Street Market themed buffet at the restaurant . The executive chef gave the guests an explanation of every dish they had at the buffet. And needless to say the food was delicious. I loved their stir fried noodles and  pecking duck and the desserts were to die for especially the coconut and mango Popsicles.
For the breakfast, you can choose main coarse from their menu and the rest from the buffet. They had quite a lot of homemade jam and organic flavored honey which were so good.
We were lucky enough to have our breakfast with  Bob, the island’s friendly crane gazing at the guests at the beach.

Over Water Bar img_5921
Second Day, we had our dinner here with two young talented singers to entertain the guests. The over water bar usually serves lunch and drinks, however that day was another theme event by the resort. The feeling of being there enjoying delicious cuisine with the sounds of waves is dreamy. The buffet had starters, salads and desserts and the main we have to choose from the menu. I tried their cornfed chicken breast over mash potato and a sauce and I am completely blown away. The meat was so soft, the potato mash was creamy and the consistency of the sauce was just perfect. One of the best dish I have ever tried in my life.

360 Dining – Located in the organic garden up on a deck providing 360 degree garden and ocean view and with complete privacy. A perfect scene for a romantic dinner. We haven’t tried dining there, but we did paid a visit and it is gorgeous.

Apart from these two, The resort has a restaurant called by the sea‘ ,Japanese cuisine and Wine Celler and Underground chocolate cave  which we did not get a chance to visit.

Key to the success of the Resort – every individual we met were trained with utmost professionalism. They bring a sense of friendliness all around you.
Special mention to our Mr. Friday who often visit and enquire about our needs and requirements and providing information about anything we wanted to know about Maldives. Thank you Atheef for making our stay even more joyful.

Our overall thought
Being at Gililankanfushi is a dream come true. The scenery is so real that you do not need any filters for your pictures. You could spent your days sitting at the couches enjoying the view just like that. We have seen the most prettiest golden sunrise and sunset here. The food and service is commendable. Mr. Friday knows what is best for us. We were so pampered at the resort that every moment became a memorable one.

Cons –
1. Gililankanfushi is not far from the city. For that reason you could see and hear other boats passing by every now and then which really did not bother us.
2. Our plan was on a half board basis. However drinks (mocktails or cocktails) are not included.
3.  You have to swim a bit farther to find beautiful corals. But you can find a few here and there nearby by your villa.

To the team of ‘Gililankanfushi’

” Saying hello to you was the most exciting and saying good bye was the hardest feeling I ever had gone through.  Gililankanfushi is gorgeous, but it is your care and love for nature that makes it even more beautiful”. Thank you for pampering us and thank you Mr. Friday for being our best companion !!

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