From The Hustle & Bustle of Street Food Doha at the Doha Marriott Hotel

From The Hustle & Bustle of Street Food Doha at the Doha Marriott Hotel


As I was taking my steps closer to the that corridor of Doha Marriott , I could hear the whispering sounds hitting my ears harder and harder. I somewhat got an what I am going to witness out there and I wasn’t wrong.


That place looked like a street and felt like a street with food stalls and a lots and lots of people around. For an instance, it took me back to my good golden memories where I used to go for a walk along with my mates at the streets and enjoy the local flavors at its best. I must appreciate Doha Marriott for this innovative thought and converting it in to a reality. It is commendable without any fail.

The lady took us through the corridor and were given a seat at the ‘Asia Live’ Restaurant. It was the first time I have been to this lovely place. We were served with some steam buns with chicken filling and crispy snacks at first. My kid directly went in to the chips as always and I joined her and it was so delicious that I started eating like my daughter, non -stop.


We had three food stations inside our restaurant – Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian. While I tried the Vietnamese spring roll, my husband went for chicken satay from Indonesia and a Korean salad. (which he does not know the name).

It is said that everything has first time and for him it was the first time to try some thing raw or almost raw. The salad had some bits of salmon in it and I got surprised to see him having it. He commented that though the raw taste was not fully enjoyable to his palette, it wasn’t bad as well.

The chicken satay was absolutely delicious with a shallots and green chilly pickle which added a great kick to the dish.



On the other hand, my first trail was the Vietnamese spring roll and it was a real goodness with a bit of meat, fresh crunch of veggies and sticky gooey wrap. I loved watching the guy preparing it for us very carefully and elegantly. He took a bit of time to explain the ingredients as well.


My next station was ‘Thailand’ . I went for chicken dumplings and Thai papaya salad. Again everything was made right in front of you, one guy was making the dough and the other was busy in the art of shaping the dumplings. Two flavors of dumplings were available – chicken and beef. My choice was chicken dumplings with yummy spicy chilly sauce. One of the beautiful dish I tasted at the street food buffet. Just a thought both the meats were cooked in the same pot I guess and those who do not eat either  beef or chicken may think a bit to have it. The papaya salad was fresh and with full of flavors.



After Thai was the Chinese hot pot which I did not try. May be for the reason that the food did not attract me that much or I was waiting to reach the Indian station.

From the Indian station, The savory items I tried were chicken  roll, veg samosa, pani puri and fried veg roll. The dish that stood out from everything else and my favorite of all was none other than the  ‘Pani Puri’. The puri was crunchy with a great filling, the chutney, the pani , it was purely a ‘marriage made in heaven’. Rest of the items were good and tasty. The guy at one of the counter looked a bit lost and people were getting annoyed as the service was slow.

IMG_5002 IMG_1268 IMG_1272 IMG_1276

I moved to the Mexican counter and what attracted me at that instance was a piece of bread dipped in a spicy sauce grilled on the hot plate and topped with shredded chicken and cheese. It looked messy and I had it making a mess all over my fingers.That’s what street food is all about. Enjoy the goodness in a messy way. It was really hot hot !!.

IMG_1283 IMG_1288

From Mexico, there were some other dishes with veal and lamp, since I was not a fan of these meats , I did not go for it.

 Next stop at the ‘American station’ where the staff was more than happy to welcome us . I ordered ‘Oliver’s Fried Chicken’ and the person instantly made one for us – a crunchy piece of chicken right from the piping hot oil’ and it was sumptuous.


There were so much more to try, but me and my husband were almost full tasting those dishes. We kept a bit of space to try the deserts which we did not wanted to miss. I had kept my eye on the ‘Rasmalai’ when I visited the Indian station and I grabbed one of it , then a kala Jamum and an eclair. The rasmalai was heavenly and it still lingers into my taste bud. The eclair was kind of soggy by the time we had it, so did not enjoyed much.


There is one station at the corner for fresh coconut water and pineapple kiwi juice. I was very much excited to try the coconut water. Apparently  the one I got was not that sweet. It is all about luck here !!


Apart from these , there were fresh sea food area specially for the sea food lovers, fresh baked bread, Arabic salads, savory and sweet pies and a lot lot more . It did felt like ‘never ending’. 

The whole atmosphere and the people around did made a moment to cherish. I adore the way people were walking all around and eating with their hands and enjoying the local flavors. A true replica of the street food!!  It’s a fiesta !!! I would love to go back and try the rest of the food that I missed.

Indulge in to the local cuisines at the Street Food Doha at Doha Marriott on:                                             Thursdays : 0630 pm to 11.30 pm

240/- per person with soft drinks                                                                                                            

QAR.335/- per person with alcohol    

Kids are allowed

I would take this moment to thank Pinayflyinghigh and Doha Marriott for giving this opportunity to experience The Street Food Buffet.

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