First Blog Post of a Beginner Food Blogger & I ‘m sweating now!!!

Never thought I would ask myself ‘who the hell am I?? ‘ when I start to write my first blog post. It is one heck of a thing to do.

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Food blog reading is one thing I do everyday without fail and it took a while for me to seriously think how the bloggers do it – they write, they cook & they photograph beautiful images of their creations.  I now decided to put my legs in their shoes and I realized how much hard work and efforts one has to put in to make your blog a successful one.How FollowMyCravings

My whole day goes this way : When I eat breakfast – I think about lunch, when I eat my lunch- I think about dinner and when I eat my dinner – I think about next morning breakfast and it goes on and on. It is those desires for food of mine lead to the birth of ‘FollowMyCravings’. I believe no matter where on the world you are placed, food is the true basic desire that brings people together and I dedicate this blog to those who love to celebrate all that is food.

Why FollowMyCravings

  • “Noone is a great cook, one learns by doing it “- Julia Child. I tried to find fun during my cooking times. Every time you cook, your learn something new, though your creation may be a success or a failure and that learning is going to help you in your next trials to make it better. In this blog, I will share all those recipes that I have learned, tried and succeeded.  So people, get going, wear your apron & start cooking !! Nothing is beautiful than watching our family or guests chow down on what we made, rubbing their happy bellies with big smiles.                       image3
  • “One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well “- Virginia Woolf. Sometimes, I get lazy and I would wish if someone could pamper and  serve me something really yummy. And my mind stops working since then & until my husband takes me out for an amazing dine out. I will share my those personal experience when I indulge into beautiful delicacies.The rule here : My camera eats first and then us.                                                                          
  • “Travel Brings power and love back to your life” – Rumi . Though I am a not frequent traveler, I do when time and finance assists. Travel replenishes ones mind and it helps me to enjoy and cook even better. I will take some moments to cherish those memories of mine with you all.

Who FollowMyCravings

I am Jishma Shahul, the person behind and ahead of this blog. Born and raised in India and then moved to Qatar and have been living here for almost 14 years. Currently a full time house wife and a mom of 3 year old girl.


“People who loves to eat are always the best people” -Julia Chila : Be among those and stay connected. I would love to hear from you all, send me a ‘Hello’ , your opinions or comments or any queries to ‘FollowMyCravings’ on:

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