Crepe De Licious – Villagio Mall

Crepe De Licious – Villagio Mall

After having a lavish lunch on Friday, we went to Gondolania Park at the Village Mall as my daughter was bored sitting at home. So after all those jumpy times with her, we decided not to dine at the food court and were going back home. Pretty much unexpectedly we happened to see “Crepe de licious” at the food court. 


My first reason to dine here,the name itself – ” Crepe de licious” . I was so attracted towards it and the place looked very elegant and modern. We took a moment in front of it to go through the menu and the staff were more than ready to welcome us. 

 It is near to impossible to find a table at the food court during the weekends and guess what?? they have a private area at the food court for their customers!! YAY!!!… The place was empty when I visited though. 


The menu had savory & sweet crepes which sounded really good . We ordered Chipotle Chicken, Mexicana Chicken, Spicy Chicken Panini and a defenite sweet crepe , Nutella-Licious. Don’t mind, our family is a big chicken lovers. 

Since the restaurant is about crepe de liciois and our main hero is the crepe, I would talk about that first. Though the crepe had all the flavours, it was not soft as we have seen and tasted. It was more like a shawarma wrap kind of texture than the normal crepe. 

Chipotle Chicken
Chipotle Chicken

The fillings were absolutely delicious and the chicken was cooked to perfection. The chipotle chicken had of course chicken,  lettuce, white onion, bell peppers, tomato, mozzarella cheese and a nice, bit spicy chipotle sauce. And the mexicana chicken with red beans, onion, bell peppers, sour cream, cheddar cheese and salsa verde.  I love the fact that each of the item had good enough filling for a person with nice flavours. It was quite a light meal and may be  like having a chicken wrap. 

Mexicana Chicken
Mexicana Chicken
Mexicana Chicken
Mexicana Chicken

I guess one of the best panini bread I have tasted is here at Crepe de licious  – it was crusty and soft, just disappears in your mouth with a beautiful filling of grilled lime chicken, jalapeno chilli, cheese with a  rocca leaves salad. 


Nutella-licious  – Talking about it, nutella is definitely delicious and with some vanilla ice cream, it is even more better. I, at least expected a nice fluffy soft crepe to go along with it . But it wasn’t – it was almost same as the crepe I mentioned above . So a bit disappointed . 


I do not remember the name of the drink we ordered, it was something with ‘Passion fruit”, I would rather call it now “Passion fruit Mojito”. I absolutely loved it. Nice sweet, tangy, sour drink with passion fruit syrup ( I guess),  lime and mint drink and was very much refreshing.


So for all these items, my bill amount was QAR.165/- which is okay, not that bad.

Just to mention, the lady out there was very good, attentive, friendly and I like it when they genuinely ask how their food was and she did it. 

I would recommend and I would go back to Crepe de licous to have a wrap with great filling, but most probably not for the their crepe as the name says. 

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