Flavorful Journey to Thailand at Grand Hyatt Doha

Flavorful Journey to Thailand at Grand Hyatt Doha

The concept of Brunch started existing in Doha for may be an year or so and is well embraced by the market. It is a shame for me to say that, being into blogging field, I never got a chance to try it out as my weekends are completely dedicated to family gatherings at our own places. So, when I was invited by Grand Hyatt, Doha, it was nearly  impossible for me to say ‘No’ and I am happy that I didn’t.IMG_1949
The Chatuchak Weekend Brunch at Grand Hyatt Doha is served at none other than the Award winning South East Asian restaurant  “Isaan“. The restaurant has a very elegant and soothing atmosphere to relax yourself and little thai decorations brings out a feeling of authenticity. The specialty and attractive part of  the brunch at Isaan is that most of the food is prepared in various live cooking stations and it is always a pleasure to watch the talented chefs in action.
Started off with the Salad bar, and undoubtfully that was the best part of my journey at the Thai brunch at Isaan. Nothing could beat the freshness of pomelo salad –  the sweet and sour taste brought back the memories of my childhood. In Kerala, we usually call it babloos fruit and we love to have it with a pinch of salt and chilly powder when we get together with our cousins and relatives.IMG_1937
The papaya salad, the chicken salad, crab salad were few others which I liked. Apart from these, there were chicken and beef salad served in little plastic pouches. A unique way of serving the salad to bring the essence of local Thai street food.
There is also an interactive section where you will be able to wear a chef hat and prepare your own salad along with the Chef. Kids can also join the fun.IMG_1935


Heading over to the next station which served grilled meat, satay and dumplings. As I mentioned earlier, meat is cooked in an open kitchen and you can enjoy the same right out of the griddle. The grilled tiger prawns, grilled chicken, satay tasted good. A special mention to prawns cake, a definite favorite of mine. I guess I had at least 5-6 of it right away, oops!! .IMG_1955

The pre grilled ones were kept on the station which I felt were bit cold and hence I requested for hot ones and they were perfectly delicious. Never to forget , a variety of sauces to accompany the grilled food which I am a fan of. The dumplings were very light and just melt in your mouth. A downside from this station is that the grilled steak was a bit hard to chew.IMG_1959

Walking towards the wok station, I enjoyed watching the chefs preparing the food in Wok as I love stir fried cooking,  It is quick and easy with lots of smoky flavors.  My recommendations from this station goes for the fish and chicken stir fry with the fried rice. Other options were Pad thai and beef stir fry which were also good.IMG_1932

At this point, I am so full that I did not try the steamed food station and the curries though it looked very delicious. And I jumped straight away into my favorite station – Desserts !! Apparently, at the station, I felt that there were fewer selection to choose from. I tried a few of the Thai authentic sweets which tasted slightly salty -May be that’s how it should be. The tender coconut jelly kind of dessert was nice among that selection. Another point is that, I was so eagerly waiting to try the sticky rice with mangoes, but there were no mangoes at all which broke my heart a bit.IMG_1947

On the other hand, the banana fritters and banana roti did helped me to cut down my sweet cravings.  The banana roti is served with a sweet sauce and do not forget to ask for a scoop of black bean ice cream and it was absolutely beautiful.IMG_1978 IMG_1979

Personally,  my Chatuchak Weekend Thai brunch experience at the stunning Grand Hyatt Doha was great. The ambiance and the service was up to the mark. The food did deliver the taste and flavors based on the theme and indeed took a mini culinary journey to the Thailand. Please make sure you reserve your table as the place looked almost full when I visited.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Brunch – Isaan Restaurant, Grand Hyatt Doha
Fridays, from 1230 pm – 0330 pm
QAR.290/- per person with soft drinks
QAR.399/- per person for special beverage brunch
QAR. 850/- for a Moet Brunch (Unlimited flow of Muet)

Apart from the Chatuchak Weekend Brunch, Isaan also offers themed nights of Mondays & Saturdays:
Mondays – Curry Nights with unlimited curry to share with a selection of fish, beef, chicken, mussels or vegetables at a price of QAR. 95/-
Saturdays – Ba Mee Nights with four selections of noodles to share with a choice of noodle based appetizer, soup, curry and stir fried dishes for QAR.100/- 

Find out more about the restaurant on their website : Isaan – Grand Hyatt Doha
Or Call On : 44481250

FollowMyCravings was  a guest of Grand Hyatt Doha .However the review stated is purely based on my personal experience and all the photos are captured through my lens. 

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