Chilli Bajji Stuffed with Coconut Chutney

This particular snack I am sure is a favorite of all who would have tried it earlier, especially in winter or even otherwise. The beauty of chilli bajji or mulaku bajji (mulaku in Malayalam means chilli) is that, though the basic batter to fry is the same, the filling varies from one state to another […]

Green Chutney Chicken Wrap

It is obvious that whenever we make chat or other snacks, we end with having leftover chutneys or sauces and we do not know what to do with it. Here is a simple quick recipe that you can make in 30 mins using the left over sauces or chutneys. What I have in my house […]

No Bake Maltesers Cheese Cake

We as a family, are a huge a Maltesers Fan, especially while watching movies at home. Everyone has their own way of eating it – For me, I like to melt the chocolate coating in my mouth first and then chew the crispy part, Shahul likes to eat them whole and my girl likes to […]

Sticky Dates Toffee Pudding

I am sure the name itself would be making you drooling right now!! Dessert is a complete weakness of every member in my family. We always save room for it without fail. Talking about Sticky dates pudding,  Its an absolutely perfect dessert to indulge during winter/monsoon season. I have been hearing, readings and starring at […]

Deliciously Spicy – Chicken Cutlets

My partner absolutely love cutlets and as far as I remember, this was the first dish I prepared for him after our marriage. It can be eaten as a snack or a meal if you like , as it is quite filling and it has that capability of pleasing your crave towards spicy and tangy […]

Sloppy Joe Pie

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mum’s out there. For a change, wish your mum today and cook something special for her to show your love. And here is my dish for my mum – Sloppy Joe Pie.!! Most of you may be familiar with ‘Tastemade’ – one of the TV network shows that […]

Indian Spiced Lamb Chops

Neither my husband nor me was a fan of lamb or any other meat except chicken & fish. We never used to buy it at home. It was then we visited ‘Grill at The Village‘ Restaurant and tried their Kebab platter which was purely deliciousness at its best. The lamb chop in that platter was […]