A Dine-out in Doha, But Not So In Doha

A Dine-out in Doha, But Not So In Doha

I was quite surprised when I visited this cafe in Doha, where it actually gave me a feeling of not being in Doha. Though located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, this place provided utmost relaxation and calmness. Any idea which Cafe am I talking about ? Let me take you for a tour ..

Place : Cafe Bateel
Location : Doha Tower, Dafna
Telephone No: 44417214

Timings : Sunday through Saturday – 7am to 10pm 
                   Friday – 3pm – 12 Midnight 
Other Branch : Mall of Qatar


Located on the ground floor of Doha Tower, the cafe is surrounded by luscious greenery. The place is quite huge with indoor and outdoor dining area. The interior is classic and cozy, so as the outdoor.

We chose to try their seasonal menu as  we wanted to have something light and healthy. However, the menu had a good selection of dishes and we ended up having quite a lot of them

The most loved dish through out our dining at Cafe Bateel was their Mediterranean Soup. My husband ordered this and  being a not so soup lover, this particular one could please my palate. Surprisingly this was a vegan soup with farro grains, beans and kale.

Burrata Pesto was our chosen one from the salad section. The first and foremost, the plate looked beautiful and it tasted very fresh. The Burrata was soft and creamy, the farro grains gave that soft bite,  lots of green veggies including artichoke, kale, jir jir leaves, avocado with a coriander pesto dressing.

From the main course, the Oven Roasted Salmon was delicious. The salmon was perfectly sealed outside and soft & flaky inside. This was served on a bed of beautifully seasoned lentils and topped with cherry tomatoes. The whole plate was just made for each-other. A tiny thing that I would change in this is a bit less salt in the lentils.

We also had a pasta dish called ‘Ciriole Alla Genovese” which basically is made of a ribbon pasta. since they did not had it, we opted for the spiral one. The pasta had bits of chicken, some green peas, potatoes and a creamy pesto sauce. Unlike other pasta dishes which are heavy, this one seems to be a lighter one.

Moving towards the dessert section, we had their Pear Chocolate Cake, which looked just perfect. The layers were visible, the sponge was soft, the  mousse was light, chocolate cremeux was rich, and the pear compote blended really well with all other components of that piece of cake.

Apart from that, we also tried their most selling dessert which is the ‘ Sticky Dates Pudding’ with yogurt ice cream. You have an option to choose a vanilla ice cream as well. The cake was very light and soft, the sauce was rich and sweet, pecans gave a little crunch and the yogurt ice cream , just made every thing so good.

We ended our beautiful lunch experience at cafe Bateel with a must ‘Caffeine treat.

I have to go back to the Cafe soon for a breakfast or so as their croissants looks super big and crunchy. I was drawn towards it. They also do have some amazing looking pastries and ice creams as well which I so want to try.

The staffs were very welcoming, friendly and attentive throughout. They were very helping in selecting a dish or recommending a dish from their menu

I know I haven’t pointed out any negative comments throughout this blog post, That says it all. We as a family enjoyed our dining at Cafe Bateel. The ambiance was relaxing, Their food was amazing, tasted really fresh, the potions were good enough, the desserts were delicious and the service was up to the point. This would be a place we will be visiting quite often and I can recommend it to anyone wholeheartedly.

For your information : The seasonal menu will be available till end of June, 2017.

PS : FollowMyCravings was  a guest of  Cafe Bateel .However the review stated is purely based on my personal experience and all the photos are captured through my lens. 

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