About Jishma

Here are few things you would like to know about me:

1. My name is Jishma , currently a house maker and a mum of a beautiful angel.

2. I was born in India, however residing in Qatar for almost all of my life.

3. I am a graduate in Business Administration and have worked with an airline for 5 years.

4. I love desserts

5. …….and spicy food

6. …….and pretty much everything , except sushi or any raw food.

7. And that is how my blog ‘followmycravings’ was born.

About FollowMyCravings

1. As the name says, this place is all about my  delicious journey following my cravings.

2. I use this platform to be a food critic based on my personal dining experiences all around the city.

3. I love playing with ingredients and Only tried and tested recipes from my kitchen are posted here.

4. Travelling & stay-cations  are a part of my  dream and I love to share a bit of my those moments  whenever  through FollowMyCravings


Work Together with FollowMyCravings

FMC is always looking for exciting collaborations/opportunities including :

Social Media Promotion

Sponsored Posts

Product Review


Recipe Development

Media Trip Invitation

Brand Ambassador

For all inquiries, write to followmycravings@hotmail.com