A Fusion brunch starting from Aceite to Signature at Melia Doha

A Fusion brunch starting from Aceite to Signature at Melia Doha


Melia has always been a pleasant hotel to visit for the quality of service they provide every time. I have tried two of their beautiful restaurants earlier – one is an Indian restaurant – Signature by the most renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor and the second one which is a Spanish restaurant – Aceite which I always remember for their paella and I have left these places with great satisfaction.

When I got the invitation from Melia to try out their brunch, I was very glad to know that with the fusion brunch, I would be able to dine at both the restaurants together in one go, where you can start anywhere from one restaurant and walk into the other and all you see is lots and lots of food. And that too at QAR.190/- with non-alcoholic beverages and QAR.250/- with alcohol which is really a great value for money price for a five star hotel. Just to mention, both the restaurants are located at the 5th floor , opposite to each other.

Since my love for Indian food is never ending, my table was reserved at the signature restaurant. It has a very calm, soothing tone with Indian antique touches which makes the place perfect for families and for those who like to sit and relax themselves. The live music performance was just apt for the ambiance – a talented violinist and you are just carried away with her performance. I am totally in love with her.

Contrary to that , Aceite has a more lively ambiance where you are entertained by two singers and just tap and groove yourself to the rhythm while enjoying your drinks if you prefer.

At Signature Restaurant, there is a small area dedicated to kids where they can watch cartoons and you can enjoy your food a bit peacefully. My daughter sticks to me mostly all the time and I spent my time looking after her.  So, basically this little place helped me to relax and have food while she was in there doing her fun things.

I just wanted to say sorry first to those who are awaiting to read the review of the food at Aceite restaurant. After having all the Indian delicacies, I was so full that I could not make it to the other end. But I heard that they have got beautiful Tapas, sushi and many more great food.
At the Indian Buffet, I had an amazing start with the shorba, it was clear, light and full of flavours.

Moving on to the starters, Pani Puri was superb, the dal vada/fritters was crisp, the dahi bhalla was soft and the masala Pappad was just perfect.  I would say, it became my favorite station at that point and my expectations towards the kebabs and the main course did go very high.
From the kebab station, what I love love is that fish kebab –  Kasaundi Tawa Machi -It was totally yum, now this is my favorite dish of all . The Amritsari Parmesan corn was something different and the paneer sticks were good .
There was one kebab which I have not ever tried- with fig, it is called Sukhi Anjeer ke kebab. For my taste and not being a fig fan, I felt it was fine, but definitely something very unusual from the normal kebabs we eat in  Doha. Lastly, the Chapli mutton kebab, though tasted good, it was a tiny bit dry for us.

And to the main course – my favorite to name was the methi chicken pulao. I liked it more than the Kashmiri Ghost Biryani. It has a unique flavour which admired my palatte.
Talking about the rest of the dishes, I guess, I liked the vegetarian dishes more than the non vegetarian ones from the main course. The Lalla Mussa dal was creamy , the Paneer Taka Tak was lovely and there was one more dish whose name I am not recalling – it was a dry dish made of a lot of veggies, and I liked it a lot. The non veg dishes were butter chicken and nihari mutton.
And the best part, roti will be served fresh from the oven on your table while you enjoy the amazing buffet.

The Indian dessert station included Triple ka meetha, Kesari Faldhari Indrani, jilebi & boondi Black Forest . Everything tasted good, especially Kesari Faldhari Indrani. It was more like a saffron flavored Rasmalai with bits and pieces of fruits. I liked it for the reason that after having so much of heavy meal, this dessert perfectly compliment our sweet craving with its lightness. The only dessert which I felt needed something was the boondi Black Forest. Basically it is soaked sweet boondi with cake crumbles. If it had something creamy  to give it a texture, I think it would have tasted better ( it is just my personal opinion).

I am sure, some of you must be thinking that that these are the only dessert they have ?? And the answer is ‘no’. They have a lot more pastries and other sweets in the corridor between the signature and Aceite restaurant.
Apart from dessert, they also have few Arabic dishes, salads and and cold mezze if you like to go for Mediterranean.

I have always received a great service whenever I visited Melia Doha and they just get better every-time.
The staff were very welcoming, friendly and attentive. They have managed to spread a lovely ambiance with their charming smile through our dining experience with utmost professionalism. It is a pleasure to get served by them. A great applause to all of those amazing people.

Overall Experience
I highly recommend this place for many reasons : first and the major reason, the food is definitely worthy for the price you pay in terms of selection and taste . The staff were very friendly and attentive , the lively ambiance with live music at both the restaurants made it ever more great to have a pleasant brunch with friends or family.

PS : FollowMyCravings was  a guest of Melia Doha .However the review stated is purely based on my personal experience and all the photos are captured through my lens. 

Fusion Brunch At Melia Doha
12.30pm – 0400pm
QAR.190 with soft drinks
QAR.250/- with alcoholic beverages

To Reserve you Table:
Call : 40199999
Email : reservation.melia.doha@melia.com


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4 thoughts on “A Fusion brunch starting from Aceite to Signature at Melia Doha”

  • Oh wow! That really is a steal for a 5* hotel brush. We are big fans of Melia and since all I crave lately is spicy food, I think I’m adding this to the bucket list. Bonus for the kids area. And double bonus if they’ll have someone to take 7 month old baby to go play a bit too. Thank you

  • It was the other way around for me whenever I was there for brunch, I always get full from the Spanish dishes and I book our table all the time in Aceite. The Signature’s ambiance is too fancy. :p I have tried a couple of Indian dishes there too and I must admit that even if I’m not really much into Indian food, the dishes served there were all good.

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